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Music up for Digital Download on CDBaby! (or you can just get it all for free just by asking)

2011-08-29 14:19:24 by trabajaba7

HEY! We just got our music up onto CdBaby and soon it'll be on itunes, zune, amazon and all those sites, but why would you pay for music when you can simply download it right here on newgrounds, or you can send me your email address and i'll email you all the songs for FREE! AND we won't spam you with messages it'll be that one email with the songs and THAT's IT (unless of course you want us to send you updates) either way we dont care we just want to get music that we made and enjoy out there and thats our only goal!

EDIT: We're now officially on iTunes! Good Times EP on iTunes!

Music up for Digital Download on CDBaby! (or you can just get it all for free just by asking)


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2011-09-06 15:40:15

I disagree


2011-10-08 20:40:57

I seriously think you guys deserve to be more popular. You're one of my favorite indie/ska bands!

(Updated ) trabajaba7 responds:

Hey we wish we were more popular, but it starts with one person at a time
Keep on Keepin' on,
The Trabajabas


2011-10-20 20:38:26

epic music. i seldomly use that word too; music. not that that really means anything. but seriously, good stuff matey

trabajaba7 responds:

No it definitely means something and we appreciate it!


2011-11-06 00:40:14

Whats the CDbaby link, i need it, you guys are awesome

trabajaba7 responds: jabas
There it is!
Thanks for checking us out.


2011-11-14 01:16:37

do you guys do gigs anywhere close to hemet,ca?

trabajaba7 responds:

unfortunately no :/ were pretty bound to the northeast. But hey if you help us get more famous who knows! :)